Welcome to EXC-EL – the customer service number directory

Welcome to the new contact telephone numbers directory. Here you can find customer service contact details for a wide range of popular UK companies that deal with large numbers of British consumers on a daily basis. Whether you’re struggling to find a freephone or low-cost customer service contact number for Sky, DVLA or any other major UK company, academic body or government entity, look no further than EXC-EL, the customer service number directory, new & improved for 2016 and beyond.


EXC-EL Listed Companies

  • BT – 0843 504 7163: Contact BT on their customer service telephone numbers to discuss your home broadband signal and for technical support with your landline.
  • CSA – 0800 083 5130: Phone the Child Support Agency (CSA) by calling their UK contact numbers to apply for maintenance payments and for details on government agencies.
  • Dell – 0800 587 1456: You can telephone Dell on their freephone customer service number to contact a representative for technical support for one of the company’s computers such as the popular Inspiron laptop range.
  • DVLA – 0300 790 6801: Call the DVLA on their telephone contact numbers to apply for a provisional driving licence and to pay your car tax.
  • HMRC – 0843 504 7177: Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is the UK tax office, thus you should contact them on their phone numbers to pay your income tax and for national insurance enquiries.
  • Next – 0333 777 8000: Call Next, a popular UK clothing retailer, to return items which did not fit, for gift card queries and for support if your electrical device is not working.
  • Sky – 0800 151 2747: Phone Sky customer services for technical support with your satellite television reception, to notify them your home WiFi is down and for enquiries about their landline products.
  • TV Licence – 0300 790 6144: Contact the TV Licence agency to renew your television licence, to notify them that you have moved house and for details about why you have to pay for a licence.
  • Vanquis – 0330 099 3000: Phone Vanquis Bank on their UK contact numbers for enquiries about your credit card, for example you should contact them to notify them that your card is lost or has been stolen.